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Area of

Expo Cibao has 316 modules 3x3 meters (10x10 feet) in a covered area, distributed in four (4) spaces that are identified by colors. Two (2) for institutional exhibitions, one (1) for mass consumption and one (1) for food and beverages. The modules have basic walls, basic lighting, electricity corresponding to 500 watts and a continuous parquet floor between modules. Companies have a maximum height of 10 feet for mounting (depends on the roof where the module is located).

Additionally, there are five (5) green or open areas to be designed to suit the company, with prior authorization from the Expo Cibao Committee (the value is calculated in square meters).

The selection of the area and module is based on the criterion "order of arrival" and is separated only five (5) days when the contract is signed, plus five (5) days when the payment is made. Because the quantities of modules are limited, it is suggested to acquire your space early.

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