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If you want to have a fruitful commercial experience, Expo Cibao offers you a number of them:

Consumer shopping experience: the environment of Expo Cibao is designed so that emotions, feelings and purchase stimuli converge so that your prospect becomes a customer and makes the purchase. Our exhibition, within the ease of becoming a point of sale of massive products, fosters the sensation of opportunity purchases for the final consumer.

Entertainment experience: we guide participants so that the service is based on interaction with the public. Expo Cibao has evolved, the offers are combined with larger spaces for socialization, turning them into attractive spaces. In addition, the experiences of the training sector is highly valued by regulars and points to cultural and artistic sustainability.
Cognitive experiences: as a complement, our conference programs provide added value to the public of interest, making Expo Cibao more attractive.

ETC (Total Commercial Experience): with the aim of making team leaders aware of intangible work in commercial relationships to make the emotional bond and commitment to potential clients of the fair profitable.

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