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History of Expo Cibao

Under the organization of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and Production, Expo Cibao has been oriented since 1988 in promoting business development, promoting regional pride and fostering commercial integration.

Executive Committee of the Regional Exhibition of Cibao 1918

Sitting the Preb. González, José M. Benedicto, Colonel McKelvyn, Colonel Princhett, standing center from Left to Right. Governor Manuel A. Lora, Mario Fermin Cabral, Sully Bonelly, Ing. Luis Bogaert and behind Agustín Malagón, Agustín Acevedo, and Prof. Salvador Cucurrullo, among others.

It was 10 in the morning, when the President and Vice-President of the Regional Exhibition, within the Executive Committee of the same and followed by the National Guard, the Fire Department, Band and Municipal Police and in the midst of a huge crowd .

They left Duarte Park along 30 de Marzo Street, to the obelisk that stands as a symbol of energy and courageous imposition. There the clear and patriotic echoes of the Dominican national anthem ...

National Exhibition Santiago, RD 1927

The National and Inter-Antillean Exhibition was a great event of agriculture, livestock industry, and arts, which was scheduled to be held in Santiago de los Caballeros, and in which the City Chamber of Commerce played a decisive role.

Overview of pavilions built in the space of 1927

The exhibition field was one of the scenarios where the glorious weapons event of March 30 took place and the place that also served as the field of the United States military forces.

1988 exhibition

It was in 1988 when the first Cibao Expo was held, based on the motto ´´Exhibit what is done in the Dominican Republic´´, with Mr. Luis M. Pieter being president of the Chamber at that time. Held in the paqueos of the Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, in 1989 Expo Cibao became an expected success.


In 1992 Expo Cibao was selected to participate in the events of the celebration of the Fifth Centennial of the Discovery of America. After moving the fair to the La Barranquita Sports Complex for the year 1998, in 1999 the National Council of Private Enterprise (CONEP) recognized the Chamber for the work of continuity in the organization of the fair.

In 2001, the Expo Cibao Photographic Contest was created, with the aim of promoting the artistic work of our environment.


The 2004 exhibition is presented as the best setting to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Chamber and thus for 2006 the fair is dedicated to the National Institute of Professional Technical Training, INFOTEP.


With regard to the 2012 exhibition, the following is held: "Expo Cibao - 25th Anniversary - Commerce, Innovation and Production", with renewed activities carried out both at the fair and within the framework of it.


For the year 2017, a transcendental step is taken by changing the scenario of Expo Cibao to the Central Park of Santiago, held there until today.

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